At ACSIA Long Term Care we are proud to say "We're invested in YOU"


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Many of the top long term care specialists in the country are part of the ACSIA career team including more than a dozen Million Dollar Producers and many who soon will be.

We're the oldest specialist Long Term Care agency in the country. ACSIA agents are successful for many reasons but it all comes down to the fact that at ACSIA,

We invest in you by generating an abundance of "free" fresh leads from direct mail, affinity and association relationships, the internet, and appointments set by our telemarketing team. For over 35 years we've been generating high quality, qualified leads, so our experience and expertise is second to none.

We invest in you by providing administrative support to track cases and make sure your policies are issued promptly and correctly. This support enables you to spend the majority of your time seeing clients.

We invest in you by keeping our specialists up-to-date with the most recent policy design information, governmental and political developments, alternatives to traditional coverage using life and annuity hybrid products and the latest in sales training and methodology so they can be on the cutting edge in their marketplaces.

We invest in you by creating a culture that allows you to build a business for yourself, but not by yourself. We sponsor top producer trips to exotic locations and lucrative sales contests. We hold an annual Agent Kick-Off Conference and have programs in which our best agents can be rewarded for mentoring others. We like to think of ourselves as an extended family that celebrates each other's success.

In addition we invest in you with:

• Professional websites to our career agents...for free.
• Professional email accounts to our career agents..for free.
• Access to Stratecision for 24/7 quotes and product   comparisons..for free.
• Access to our proprietary agent website which contains a   variety of sales tools & tips, marketing material and   industry & career updates..for free
• Online tools for you to track your business, application   status and commissions. 24/7....for free.
• Discounted E&O insurance with a production-based   subsidy.

What do you think would happen to your career if someone invested in you?

As an ACSIA Long Term Care agent I had the flexibility to make my own schedule.

When my kids were young I could organize my appointments and client calls around their day care and school hours.

Now that they are older I can devote my week to business and have evenings free.

Deborah Peterson

Deborah Peterson,
ACSIA LTC Specialist
Seattle, WA

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