Not just a job, a career and a future.

We understand exactly how you feel!

Quite frankly, many of our top agents felt the same way. What they found out is helping people plan for their future Long Term Care needs is not only rewarding and recession resistant but very profitable. Our top agents have come from every walk of life. Housewives coming back into the work force, actors, pharmaceutical sales, radio and other media, and even people with insurance experience have all had huge success with ACSIA and Long Term Care insurance sales.

This has traditionally been a recession proof business. Generally, ACSIA agents work 46 weeks a year, control their own schedule and work from a home office. This provides the freedom many people crave with a six figure income! Plus, what other product can you sell where you continue to earn money from the sales from the previous year? The renewal income stream provides economic freedom for you and your family!

In any sales opportunity you have to have a number of things in order to be successful.

First, you have to have something to sell, at ACSIA we have all the top policies from all the top insurance companies. This way a prospect doesn’t ever need to speak with anyone else, just you, the ACSIA Long Term Care Specialist!

Second, you have to have someone to sell to. This is where the experience of the ACSIA marketing team invests with you with our free lead program providing you with free, quality, qualified leads. These include direct mail, affinity & association and internet marketing. All “state-of-the-art” in order for you to see the most prospects.

Third, you have to be trained so you can be effective and successful. This is where our nationally known training program prepares you to be a Long Term Care specialist.

Forth, you have to be compensated fairly for your hard work and effort. This is where ACSIA’s aggressive compensation program helps you and your family enjoy the fruits of your hard work. This includes a renewal program which allows you to earn commission every year from your old clients.

You can sell a lot of things … but with Long Term Care insurance and other 45+ products you are helping people prepare for their future as you help you and your family.

The week in a life of an ASCIA Agent…


- Set 12 appointments
- Conduct 9 interviews
- Sell 4 appointments


- 1.3 People per household
- $2,200 Avg. application
- $67% place rate

Equals to:

- $11,440 Submitted premium
- $7,665 Placed premium
- $2,299 Commission

Example is based on our LOWEST commission schedule (for trainees). This equates to a first year income of $105,754 based on a 46 week work schedule. Will you do this? Everyone’s learning curve varies. However, this is very attainable and many ACSIA agents make six figures to reward their hard work and effort. One thing is certain, YOU control how successful you are based on your hard work & effort and your ability to execute our plan. ACSIA invests in YOU, your investment is your time and effort to make your dreams come true.

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