About Us

The founders of our company and our employees know how difficult it is to care for a loved one who needs help.

We have learned first hand how expensive it is to have special care provided for a loved one when the need arises. We have watched fortunes dwindle away because the cost of caring for a family member was not anticipated. ACSIA® is dedicated to protect our clients from some of life’s difficulties. It has been our company mission for over 30 years.

ACSIA's specialized Long Term Care professionals assist customers in selecting the appropriate financial option.

ACSIA® Long Term Care, Inc. is a proud member of the National LTC Network, the industry's premier group of Managing General Agencies. The National LTC Network is dedicated to improving the design, distribution and marketing of private long term care insurance and the quality of long term care education for the benefit of the consumer and the agent.

Our History:

ACSIA Long Term Care is one of the largest, most respected organizations in the nation. We have worked with career agents since the early 1970's and understand that market support and home office support are vital to the success of our valued agents.